Breed Handling

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Breed Handling

breed handling

Breed Handling

Michelle Porfido

Professional Handling Trainer
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Michelle Porfido

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Entering The Ring

Breed Handling Classes at Carolina Ranch

Our All-Breed Handling class is designed to help your dog prepare for conformation events at dog shows. Whether you are an experienced handler or new to showing dogs, our class has something to offer you! We focus on confidence building strategies, and teaching you skills to make your dog look their best in the ring. Our classes operate on a walk-in basis, and we welcome puppies 4 months and older (as long as they have finished their puppy vaccinations).

How The Class Works

Expect to learn the following at our All-Breed Handling Class:

  • How to properly stack your breed/dog
  • How to properly show the bite/mouth
  • Free stacking
  • Standing for a thorough examination
  • How to properly gait your dog
  • Ring procedure and gaiting patterns
  • Understanding your dog’s strengths
  • …And so much more!

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