The Carolina Ranch Facility

The Carolina Ranch Facility 2018-07-28T00:04:45+00:00

outdoor training

The “Back 40” is an 11,000 sq.ft. training field featuring a double fenced, antimicrobial turfed field with hi-power lighting. The outdoor training field is great for teaching recalls, retrieves and holding group classes.

indoor training

Rain or Shine, we can train in the Ranch’s indoor training arena or in our more intimate Training Studio. With over 5000 sq.ft. of non-slip flooring we have plenty of room for private lessons and group obedience classes.


When enrolled in Stay & Learn training, your dog will stay in Carolina Ranch’s luxury pet resort. With boarding choices ranging from 40 square foot runs to 137 square foot Secluded Cabins, your dog will have plenty  of room to rest between training sessions.