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Is My Dog’s Behavior Too Bad for Training to Help?

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Sometimes it's very hard to imagine your household in a state of calm. Your relationship with your dog may be pushing your patience to the absolute limit due to some relatively easy to fix problems. This is not to say that all issues can be resolved quickly. Bad behavior doesn't pop up overnight in most [...]

Learn to Communicate With Your Dog

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How You Can Speak Dog Too Communicating with your dog is a two-way street. While you're teaching her to understand and accept primate language, you can also learn and use canine body language. This will greatly enhance your relationship and your training program, since your dog can respond very quickly when she realizes you are [...]

Spread the Fun Around!

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Creating time in an already full schedule is hard. Super hard, in fact!! So - stop trying to find that mysterious 15 minutes all in a single block, and choose instead the 2-3 minutes of fun training time with your dog a couple of times per day. Training your dog can be like cleaning out [...]