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Building Relationships

One well trained dog at a a time

Private Lessons

private lessons

Meet one on one with our certified trainers in Private Lessons here at the Ranch. Private lessons are available all week long and we have lessons starting as early as 8 am and as late as 7 pm as well as weekend opportunities. From puppies and adult pets, to service dogs and beyond, we got you covered.

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stay and learn

This is our most sought-after training program at Carolina Ranch Dog Training. Your dog stays in Carolina Ranch’s luxurious accommodations and receives training throughout the day with our Certified Trainers. Package lengths are tailored to the needs of your family.

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group classes

We offer a Progressive Level Based Group class curriculum. You may enroll at any time and come when you can. Our four level class structure can take puppies and adult dogs from beginner to advanced obedience all in one format. Class prepares you for AKC S.T.A.R and CGC testing too.

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Training Class Schedule

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Dog Training Services


Which style of dog training is right for me and my dog? At Carolina Ranch Dog Training we offer training programs to suit your family’s goals and budget. Dog training is definitely a shared experience between owners and pets. Our innovative engagement based training model is designed to establish a reliable, positive and rewarding relationship between you and your dog.

Dog Training That Works

Carolina Ranch Dog Training is proud to offer dog training services through Certified Master Trainers. Our training programs address issues of obedience, safety, sport and other areas of interest. The Ranch is also proud to provide service dog training in either turn-key or progressive training formats. Training is available in individual or group settings, with several national certification testing days offered each month.